2008 National Dairy Shrine
Progressive Dairy Award Winner - over 300 cows

The Keller family - June, 2012

Kellercrest Rbst Labella-ET
Kellercrest Rbst Labella-ET
2-0 3X 271d 28066 4.4 1238 3.2 910
8/14 GTPI +2282; Top 100 GTPI Cows

Pregnant to Kingboy and due 3/15/15 with a ultra-sound heifer!

Maternal sister to Labella:
Kellercrest Manoman Lacy-ET
VG-85 @ 2-09
12/13 GTPI +2215
Lacy's sons in AI:
Kellercrest Lancome-ET @ Semex GTPI +2416
Kellercrest Moxer Laser-ET @ Select Sires GTPI +2374
Butz-Hill Versatile-ET @ ABS GTPI +2361

Kellercrest Toystory Lady
2-01 2x 365d 36,760 3.8 1407 3.1 1156

Dam of Labella and Lacy!

Kellercrest Shottle Loni-ET
Excellent – 92 2E DOM
8/13 GTPI +1879 PTA +1004M +22F +24P
PTA +2.06T +1.34UDC +1.83FLC

2-00 2x 365d 34,145 3.5 1180 3.0 1023
3-05 2x 365d 41,493 4.2 1732 3.0 1225
5-02 2x 365d 47,868 4.2 2017 3.0 1439
6-09 3x 365d 57,129 5.3 3030 2.9 1633

  • Congratulations to Loni - the Wisconsin Top Performer Cow
    She was the Top Performer in the 6-9-Year-Old Cow class and the Overall Top Performer Winner
  • Loni just finished a very impressive record with 57,000M and over 3000 lbs Fat
  • Loni now has milking daughters by Active, Planet, Man-O-Man, Super, Les, Bronco, Sebastian and Gerard. She has calves by Armitage and Latroy.
  • She is pregnant to Bronco and due again 3/13/2014
  • Loni has 12 sons in AI and several daughters that have genomic tested very well
  • Her Super son at Select Sires - Kellercrest Super Layne-ET
  • We were delighted to have Loni featured in a Holstein International article - read it here!
  • Sadly, we lost Loni to cancer on November 11, 2013

photo of All Wisconsin State Show
All-Wisconsin Dam & Daughter 2013
Kellercrest Sanchez Bridie - Senior 3-Year-Old
Kellercrest Goldwyn Beauty - Fall Yearling

Bridie won the production award in her class at the State Show
and was also the Grand Champion at the 2013 Dane County Fair!

Owned by Kimberly Keller

Watch for Bridie at World Dairy Expo; 4 Year Old Cow Class – Junior Show!


Kellercrest Planet Lynch-ET
4-07 3X 306d 42180 3.4 1414 2.8 1182
On her way to making another great record!

Due 1/15/15 to Bombero
Milking daughter of Shottle Loni, pictured above!

Mission-Bell Bolton Dezi-ET
Excellent-90 EX-91-MS @ 5-04
4-11 3X 365d 49,257 4.2 2082 3.0 1480

  • A Bolton daughter from Mission-Bell B Iron Direct 2E-93 DOM
  • Dezi completes seven generations of Excellent cows!
  • Dezi has several AI and embryo contracts
  • Dezi has daughters by Observer, Robust, Shamrock and Bolo.
  • Dezi was fresh on 3/3/2013 with Kellercrest Supersire Darva. Darva has a GTPI of +2295

Dam: Mission-Bell B Iron Direct EX-93 2E
          • EX James sister
2nd dam: Mission-Bell Outside Dasher EX-93 2E DOM
          Life: 140,140M 6360F 4127P
          • Four Excellent daughters
3rd dam: Mission-Bell Broker Dapple EX-92 4E GMD
          Life: 235,680M 1011F 7161P
4th dam: Mission-Bell Astro Jet Deborah EX-91 2E
          Life: 216,640M 8529F 6429P
5th dam: Mission-Bell Jetstar Dynasty EX-92 3E GMD DOM
          Life: 212,100M 7812F 6276P
6th dam: Mission-Bell Milo Dixie EX-94 6E GMD DOM
Life: 288,470M 11370F 6627P
7th dam: Kleinhans Donna Star VG-86 GMD DOM
Life: 157,590M 6120P



Kellercrest Freddie Liza-ET
GTPI +2124
2-02 3X 329d 32,194 3.9 1243 3.0 976 RIP

Freddie x Planet x Shottle Lani
Bred to Chaps and due 4/9/15
*Liza has a Lithium son at Accelerated Genetics

New Additions to Kellercrest!

Rickland Numero Uno 4519-ET

Born: January 5, 2013
8/14 GTPI +2435
Pregnancies to Monterry & Kingboy!
Short bred to Boastful
Dam: Welcome Russell Lisbeth-ET VG-87, 2yr
2nd dam: Welcom Baxter Laila-ET EX-91

Regancrest Mgul Breshana-ET

Born: July 17, 2012
8/14 GTPI +2385
Just fresh on 9/7/14 with a More Gold Heifer calf and she looks great!!!
Dam: Regancrest Mac Breshan-ET
From the Barbies!

Other New High Index Cows

GTPI +2182

Weigeline Paul Saint-ET
Fresh on 7/21/14 with a Wanka heifer (GTPI +2296)!

GTPI +2143

Kellercrest Peoti Larisa-ET
Peoti x Super Latika x Shottle Latavia

GTPI +2126

Kellercrest Robust Darcy-ET
2-0 3X 354d 37855 4.2 1579 3.1 1156
Due 10/24/14 with a Racer Heifer
Robust x Bolton x Dezi

GTPI +2112

Kellercrest Gallon Martigra
2-02 3X 272d 29815 3.4 1022 2.9 854
Bred to Flame and due 5/7/15!

GTPI +2062

Butlerview JeChip-ET
Goldchip from Coyne-Farms Freddie Jeune VG-87
Fresh on 6/6/14 with a Racer heifer calf

High Genomic Heifers at Kellercrest
GTPI +2461
B: 6/18/14
Kellercrest Flame Breana-ET
Flame x Reagancrest Mgel Breshana-ET
GTPI +2440
B: 12/18/13
Merkline Doorman Pallas-ET +3.96 Type
Doorman x Merline Iota Penya
GTPI +2435
B: 1/5/13
Rickland Numero Uno 4519-ET
Uno x Russell x Baxter
GTPI +2319
B: 9/1/13
Kellercrest Cashen Lizzy-ET
Cashcoin x Robust Labella x Toystory Lady
GTPI +2319
B: 9/1/13
Kellercrest Cashen Lizzy-ET
Cashcoin x Robust Labella x Toystory Lady
GTPI +2317
B: 5/17/14
Kellercrest Jabir Lauren
Jabir x Proper x Man-O-Man x Shottle Loni
GTPI + 2314
B: 9/3/13
Kellercrest Maurice Susie ET *RC
Maurice x Dinomi MOM Snow Bunny-ET *RC
GTPI +2312
B: 12/27/12
Kellercrest Para Carmax-ET
Paradise x Rugg-Doc Domain Carmikki-ET
GTPI +2311
B: 7/20/13
Kellercrest Maurice Molly-ET
Maurice x Gallon x Planet x Shottle
GTPI +2491
B: 1/5/13
Rickland Numero Uno 4519-ET
Uno X Russell X Baxter

Genomic Young Sires: Silver, Supershot, Delta, Montery, Kingboy, Octoberfest, MainEvent, Yoder, Boastful, Spark, Crank it, Montross, Entail, Lottomax & Flame along with several Kellercrest young bulls!

  1. 85 cows over 200,000
  2. 28 cows over 250,000
  3. 7 cows over 300,000
2013 Progressive Breeders Registry
and Progressive Genetics Herd Winner

RHA: 314 Cows 31652 4.0 1257 3.1 973

BAA: 105.2% - Top Ten highest in US for herd size